Australian Dairies Fresh Milk goes through a unique ceramic filtration process to provide you with milk that’s twice as pure. Australian Dairies Finely Filtered Fresh Milk is naturally rich in essential nutrients including calcium and protein. Sourced from Australia’s premier dairy region, we pride ourselves on the quality of our finely filtered fresh milk and ensure this is protected as it journeys from Australia direct to China.

Available in – 1 Litre

Australian Dairies Fresh Milk goes through a unique microfiltration process to maximise its natural freshness. To maximise its freshness, Australian Dairies Fresh Milk is pasteurised and then filtered through fine ceramic micro-filters to remove more of the bacteria that can cause milk to go sour.

The micro-filters still allow all the inherent nutrients, vitamins and protein found naturally in milk to pass through. The result is a deliciously pure and fresh tasting milk without additives or preservatives.